New US reproduction WWII boots in stock!
  • Authentic WW2 Airborne field gear and uniforms

welcome to at the front

“Who are we?” ATF has been in existence in one form or another since 1992. We provide exact reproduction WWII uniforms and gear for re-enactors, collectors, museums and films. The initial impetus was the lack of reliable suppliers for German field gear. I started making it in my basement as a side job, and through accident and occasional intention, the business kept growing. Unlike most suppliers, I tried to avoid the pre-order (take the money and then worry about making the item) syndrome, because the production and delivery delays were always far greater than anticipated, which pissed off everyone immensely. This is why we have a policy of no custom orders. Most of the items we stock are made exclusively for us to our own specifications in our own shop or by contractors in the US and overseas. This allows us far greater flexibility and control than any other company, the majority of whom contract with other companies and are at their mercy for quality control and production schedules.