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Disclaimer: At the Front does not condone or wish to glorify extremist regimes of the period such as the Third Reich, USSR, Fascist Italy,
or Imperial Japan. We provide authentic uniforms, insignia, and equipment for historical re-creation or theatrical purposes only.
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At the Front; established in 1992, is the premier site for authentic WWII combat equipment and militaria. "ATF" offers an extensive line of top quality reproduction and original WWII militaria. Historical accuracy is our number one goal. Our items are thoroughly researched and cross checked against our collection of thousands of originals (one of the largest collections in the business), to ensure that the color, fabric, patterns, stitching and materials used in ATF reproductions make them the most accurate on the market.

Over 90% of our products are exclusive to ATF. Many are made right here in house. All are made to OUR researched designs; making ATFs products truly unique. You'll find no other reproduction that comes as close in authenticity or quality to our US M41 Field Jackets, Wool & Leather Gloves, German MP pouches, "Tropical" field gear and Texled uniforms.

Think twice when shopping on price alone. Many other companies focus strictly on price and sell lesser, inaccurate reproductions made by other overseas companies. When price is the number one concern, corners are cut and cheaper materials and/or production methods are substituted resulting in uniforms that don't fit correctly and won't hold up under use. To make matters worse, the actual manufacturers rarely, if ever, deal with consumers directly, much less use the items in the field themselves. So when other companies claim they have the "same product" as we do, especially for a lot less...  
you better think twice.

At ATF accuracy is key. Any notable product deviation from an original will be noted in the product description. A lot has changed in the garment industry over the past 70+ years and sometimes getting a perfect match is no longer possible. Either way, check our comparison photos to see just how close our products come to the real thing.

Most orders ship same or next day. Orders are only accepted if an item is in stock. Feel free to email or contact us via our toll free number for additional information and ordering assistance.

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